Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are primarily designed to efficiently organize, move, ship, mail, or store clothes on hangers.  Other popular uses include the storage of light bulky items such as:

Artificial plants Holiday decorations
Linens Folded clothes
Household goods Exercise equipment
Pool liners  Tarps
Canvas covers Seasonal garments
Costumes Uniforms
International bulk shipping and more  
The Standard Sizes are listed below  
The Standard Sizes are listed below.  
The Standard Sizes are listed below.  


18" 21" 46"


200 # Doublewall
21" 24" 40" Shorty 200 # Doublewall
21" 24" 46" 1 Piece 200 # Doublewall
21" 24" 56" 2 Piece 200 # Doublewall
36" 21" 10" Laydown Small 200 # Singlewall
36" 24" 12" Laydown Large 200 # Singlewall
The Standard Sizes are listed below
Wardrobe boxes are too large and bulky to ship economically in small amounts by UPS or other parcel carriers.  Wardrobe boxes are shipped flat on pallets sent by motor freight in unit counts of 75.  Local customers can pick up from our warehouse/showroom dock.  Hanger bars are available boxed in quantities of 40 or sold separately.  Wardrobe boxes are always in stock, ready for immediate pickup or delivery.
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